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We Love Spuds!

The humble spud – loved by all ages.  Roast it, bake it, mash it, sauté it – there are loads of ways to enjoy this meal-time hero.

Each year Great Britain’s 2500 potato farmers produce 6 million tonnes of potatoes – of which there are around 450 varieties. Some 80 varieties are grown commercially, although only around a quarter of these are widely used.  A good source of carbs and also packed full of other vital nutrients they are a healthier option to other carbohydrates such as rice and pasta.  They are low in fat, (always a bonus for some of us!) and contain no cholesterol.  When served in their skins they are a great source of fibre.

Potatoes – The Facts

  1. We British are the third largest consumer of potatoes.  On average in a year each person consumes about 500 spuds.
  2. In 1995 potatoes were taken into space and grown for the first time on board the space shuttle Columbia.
  3. The biggest potato grown weighed in at 18 lbs 4 oz according to the Guinness Book of Records
  4. A quarter of all potatoes grown in Britain are to provide chips and we munch our way through 1.5 million tonnes every year.
  5. The blossom from the plant was worn as an accessory!  Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were both known to wear potato blossoms.

Join us at Forever Green from 1st – 7th October when its National Potato Week and we’ll be jazzing up your jacket spuds with some tasty fillings as well as dishing up some loaded skins and skinny fries using the good old spud.  Many of our potatoes are home grown here on site in our allotment.

Forever Green is a restaurant located at Ransom Wood in Mansfield in a secluded woodland setting.

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