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Forever Green is based in Ransom Wood on the edge of Sherwood Forest near Mansfield, 15 minutes from junction 28 of the M1 and within easy reach of Nottingham, Newark, Chesterfield and their surrounding areas. Contact a member of the team for full directions.

Forever Green
Ransom Wood Business Park
Southwell Road West

Call: 01623 675304 or Email: enquiries@forever-green.info


Ransom Wood

Ransom Wood is run by family business ‘Ransomwood Estates Ltd’ which has a history of over 100 years and is a business park like no other, combining office space with a restaurant, well being centre, children’s nursery, woodland walks and much more. Ransom Wood is a 70 acre woodland park located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and offers a unique environment to work, to dine or to get married in.

Ransom Wood

Woodland Walks

Ransom Wood is a good base to explore the local woodland from as it has paths which connect to the surrounding woodland outsides the boundaries of Ransom Wood. Forever Green is perfect to either start or end your walk at for a rewarding lunch and is open every week day 8am to 4pm. If you would like to know more about Ransom Wood including its history, restaurant or office space, please take a look at our website www.ransomwood.co.uk.

Begin your Woodland Walk

A 20 min walk on woodland paths that takes you out of Ransom Wood and along its Southern perimeter.

Start the walk at the front of Ransom Hall in Ransom Wood, NG21 0HJ.

With your back to the front of Ransom Hall,  turn left across the main car park and through into the overflow car park. The entrance to the overflow car park is under a stunning copper beech tree (pictured right).

Walk to the far end where you will see a path in the left hand corner leading into the woods.

Follow the path until reaching a gated fence (pictured left). The gate is an open system that allows wildlife such as deer to freely move between Ransom Wood and the adjoining woodland. If you are lucky you may just spot one – the best time is early in the morning.

Go through the gate and continue along the path.

At the crossroads in the path, turn left. After a few minutes you will start to see the line of Ransom Woods green perimeter fence on your left.  You will soon come to a T-junction in the path where you will see a quarry ahead of you and the green perimeter fence and gate back onto Ransom Woods land on your left.

Turn left through the gate, along the fence, with the quarry on your right. You will have to squeeze past this tree (pictured right).

Keeping the quarry on your right, follow the path along the end of the paddock (pictured below) towards a woodland copse. The paddock was used when the site was a hospital to keep wild stock such as cows and sheep.

At the end of the paddock you will see a beech tree with some engravings on it – make a note of what is engraved on the tree and email james.cannon@ransomwood.co.uk and you will be rewarded with a free coffee at Forever Green.

The path continues through the woodland copse to an access road that goes to an industrial unit called Unit 9. Turn left along this road then right just before you reach unit 9. Unit 9 used to supply all the hospitals heating, though the heating chimney is no longer there.

You will shortly reach the main access road back to Ransom Hall from where you can head to Forever Green for a well earned refreshment.