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If tea is your tipple join us at Forever Green and try one of our great new selection of infusions.  We are now serving a whole variety including Egyptian Mint, Persian Pomegranate, Green and Earl Grey to name a few.

Perfect with a slice of our delicious home-made cake!  Our teas are currently offered at the introductory price of £1.95, call in to one of our tasting sessions to find your favourite.

So what do we know about tea?

Tea is a drink that is produced from the combination of cured leaves of the Camellia Sinensis (tea) plant with hot water. Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, after water. The Camellia Sinensis plant thrives growing in tropical and sub-tropical climates, hence its origins on the continents of Asia and Africa.

The first recorded consumption in the history of tea was in China, as early as the 10th century BC. Soon, it spread to Korea and Japan. During the 16th century Portuguese exploration of the Far East, tea was traded with the West and as a result, the tea plant spread to the rest of the world. It has been said that Catherine of Braganza, the Portuguese queen consort to King Charles II, introduced the drinking of tea in the UK.

It wasn’t until the 19th century until tea drinking became a common pastime for all the social classes. Now, tea drinking occurs as a daily occurrence not just as a component of afternoon tea or a tea party. In the UK, it has become a ‘national drink’ of sorts and an integral part of British culture.

There are (at least) four different types of tea: white tea, green tea, oolong tea and black tea. The type of tea depends on the type of tea processing it undergoes. Tea leaves are prone to wilt and therefore oxidise, if they are not dried quickly. As the chlorophyll breaks down, the tea leaves darken and release tannins; this process is called fermentation in the tea industry.

Tea as we know it in the UK is more often sold as teabags. Most popular brands of teabags are usually made by blending a variety of different teas together. Tea is renowned for containing numerous antioxidants and less caffeine than coffee. There are also certain teas used in diets and tea for weight loss.

We’re also introducing our afternoon tea packages so you can come along and enjoy a traditional tea in our relaxing woodland environment.

Afternoon Tea

Selection of Princess cut sandwiches (egg mayonnaise, ham and lettuce, cheese and tomato), home-made cakes and a choice of tea   from £9.50 per person (4 choices)

Luxury Afternoon Tea

Why not indulge and treat yourself  and add a glass of Prosecco for £5.95 per person

Afternoon Tea selection menu


Our new collection of wines brings together the best of both old and new worlds. You’ll find we have great value bottles as well as some sparklers for special occasions. 

To help you find the right match for your meal we’ve suggested some pairing suggestions. You can also speak to a member of the team for more details.

Always a popular choice is a good Australian Chardonnay with its ripe fruity flavours of pineapple and peach. Enjoy a chilled glass with our Soy and Sweet Chilli Glazed Salmon Fillet.

Or if red is your preference our Shiraz has some big bold flavours of ripe blackberries with a hint of oak. We’d recommend this with our Chilli Con Carne in a Taco Basket.



A recent survey revealed that companies in the UK are losing close to £50 million a day in lost productivity from workers who fail to take a lunch break.  By skipping lunch the impact on our productivity levels is significant.

Almost half of the people surveyed (48%) felt that their productivity levels plummeted around 3 pm due to the lack of fuel from a decent lunch. This dip resulted in them losing 40 minutes of their day as their brain slowed down and they struggled to concentrate fully.

What is stopping us taking lunch?

So why do we skip lunch? Over a third of people surveyed (34%) said that had experienced pressure from managers to work through their lunch hour, whilst half felt that the size of their workload prevented them from taking a break. Bupa Clinical Director of Occupational Health, Dr. Jenny Leeser, said: “In challenging economic times, the UK work force is in overdrive and the lunch break is falling by the wayside. Instead of taking a break to refuel, workers are using props including chocolates and sweets and caffeinated drinks to get them through the day. In fact, a fifth (21 per cent) consume five caffeinated drinks a day. Having large amounts of caffeine on a daily basis can lead to insomnia and dehydration.”

Why lunch is vital for the second half of the day

For some, a lunch break is also a time to not only mentally and physically recharge, but also to connect with colleagues. Try and get away from the desk, remembering that your keyboard harbours more bacteria than a toilet seat, and either get out or move internally to a communal eating place if you have one. Eating with a colleague will give you a chance to have a chat about things unrelated to work, or to get something off your chest that may have been stressing you out.

Taking a lunch break means that the brain is nourished with the food, water and oxygen it needs and this increase in energy levels will lead to a much more productive afternoon.

With this in mind, make the most of your lunch break here at Ransom Wood.  Take a break and wander through our 70 acres of woodland not forgetting to stop off at Forever Green of course!

If you’ve ever fancied having your 15 minutes of fame why not be an extra for us when we shoot our next promotional video.

On Wednesday 8th May we will be filming to promote our Christmas party nights at Forever Green and this year it will have a Vegas theme. Once complete the video will be shown on our web site, Facebook page and any other places where we have the opportunity to screen it.

We’re looking for about 30 people who can come along dressed in their Christmas party best to feature as guests and players in our casino. You will need to be all spruced up and ready to go by 4.00 p.m. and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

We know it’s a glamorous life being an actor so we’ll look after you and will be serving free food and drink to keep you refreshed.

If nothing else it will be a fun afternoon so why not come along.  If you’re interested simply drop me a line on alison@forever-green.info to register.

Viva Las Vegas!

Production of our Christmas Hampers is in full swing at Forever Green.  For the last three months we have been planning and preparing the delicious home-made goodies which will fill this year’s baskets.

Our hampers are packed full of specialty food and alcoholic tipples which we create to thank our customers for their loyalty. Chutney and compote has been bottled, Christmas cake, cookies and shortbread have been baked and wrapped and our own Blackcurrant Gin has been distilled.

Andrea Reeve commented “we are now in our second year of hamper production and its a great project to work on to get us all in the Christmas mood. This year production of our hampers has gone up by nearly 50% which is great for us as it shows that you are all enjoying the festive treats we make here at Forever Green.”

Where possible we use ingredients from our surroundings here at Ransom Wood and this includes blackberries for the compote and blackcurrants for the gin.

An extreme amount of care and effort goes into our lovingly made hampers but we feel it’s well worth it. Our customers are all so special to us and we like to give them a gift that has a personal touch from our team of staff.  Our approach is unique, we’re sure we are the only business park that gives such a great home-grown, home-made gift.

We welcome Mother Nature to Ransom Wood!  She is a ‘Female Oak Wood Spirit’  and represents the importance and equality of the female in our Celtic ancestry and as a healer and wise person of great knowledge. It also represents the gentle side of nature.

Mother Nature is our second carving on the pathway leading towards Forever Green and has been created for us by Mark Butler, for more information about him visit his web site www.chainsawartmarkabutler.com

We have one more carving in progress and this will be of the Green Man. He will be a much more mysterious figure, showing only eyes, nose and mouth, through a set of leaves.  Make sure to keep a look out for him soon!

The carvings lead you and welcome you to our restaurant Forever Green where you can enjoy a tasty lunch in our woodland surrounds.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life and it’s all over in the blink of an eye.

You will always have your memories but if you really want to be able to re-live the day then you need a video making.

Looking for a video company that are the right price and can do a good job can be hard so Forever Green have teamed up with award winning film company, A Star Media to bring you a great value video package.

astar_mediaA Star Media have been working with Forever Green for a while now and we can highly recommend their work. You can see some of their work on their website or take a look at our wedding video below which was done by A Star Media.


The Video Package Includes

Filmed exclusively at Forever Green:

3 DVD Master’s Printed and Supplied in a case

1 Data Disc with a Youtube/Social media friendly 2 minute trailer of your wedding

Approx running time 30- 60mins

Approximate turn around time 2 weeks

Total cost £800 including vat 

For further information, please contact us on 01632 675323


Central to Forever Greens ethos is to source all its food as locally as possible and to help this ethos we have our own allotment. The team at Ransom Wood have been working on this allotment for a while now and you may have heard it being talked about. As well as all the basic vegetables it also has blackcurrant, redcurrant and whitecurrants, gooseberries, black grapes, raspberries, rhubarb and asparagus.

As well as using the allotment, Andrew our chef harvests wild garlic from the woods which he uses in his pesto and various herbs from a garden located just behind the restaurant. We also have an apple orchard which is being developed on site.

Our allotment is located opposite Forever Green just behind Cedar house and if you are interested in having a look then just let one of the FG team know and they would love to show you around.

allotment_8 allotment_7 allotment_6 allotment_5 allotment_4

We recently undertook a project to increase the capacity of our function suite so that we could host more guests at our events.

Our Forest Suite is situated on the first floor at Forever Green and has amazing views with a stunning woodland backdrop. The interior design and colour scheme compliments its surroundings perfectly.

When originally built, The Forest Suite, had a capacity of 80 guests but now after the refurbishment work we can seat over 100 people. A focal point of the room was the large bar area which although was a feature also restricted the number of guests and delegates at events. We decided to make the bar much smaller and as you can see from these photographs gives a much more spacious feel to the room.


forest_facelift_2 forest_facelift_1 forest_facelift







If you wish to enquire about our facilities at Forever Green or to make a booking please contact Andrea Reeve on 01623 675323. You are welcome to come along and view the Forest Suite on Friday 9th November at our Wedding Open Evening. We will be open from 7.00 – 9.00 p.m. and will also be hosting some wedding suppliers for you to chat to.

We’ve got some delicious dishes to tempt you this Autumn/Winter on our new menu which is launched on 1st November.

For breakfast we’re offering everything from muffins to the full monty with our Full English Breakfast – will you be able to finish it all?

At lunch we’re cooking up some traditional fare such as Liver, Bacon and Onions and Beef Casserole with Herby Dumplings or why not try our Seared Salmon with Thai Noodles or our delicious Tomato and Mushroom Carbonara if you fancy being a bit more exotic. For those wanting a lighter bite our wide selection of jacket potatoes and freshly filled baguettes are available every day to eat in the restaurant or take away if you are in a hurry.

Join us in Forever Green in its leafy woodland surrounds. You’ll be able to watch the wildlife and see the amazing transformation as the leaves on the trees turn to golden brown before carpeting the woodland floor.

Forever Green is based at Ransom Wood in Mansfield and is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 – 4.00 for breakfast, morning coffee and leisurely lunches.