01623 675323
01623 675323

Film Extras Needed!

If you’ve ever fancied having your 15 minutes of fame why not be an extra for us when we shoot our next promotional video.

On Wednesday 8th May we will be filming to promote our Christmas party nights at Forever Green and this year it will have a Vegas theme. Once complete the video will be shown on our web site, Facebook page and any other places where we have the opportunity to screen it.

We’re looking for about 30 people who can come along dressed in their Christmas party best to feature as guests and players in our casino. You will need to be all spruced up and ready to go by 4.00 p.m. and it will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

We know it’s a glamorous life being an actor so we’ll look after you and will be serving free food and drink to keep you refreshed.

If nothing else it will be a fun afternoon so why not come along.  If you’re interested simply drop me a line on alison@forever-green.info to register.

Viva Las Vegas!

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